Monday, May 5, 2014

Happiest Birthday: 10 Months!

Happy Birthday, Joyful Tater!

You are a butterball of pure delight. You have grown so much personality this month. You know exactly what you want and you make it happen for yourself, whether that involves testing out all your pacifiers, pounding on a shut door to be let in, or throwing your napkin on the ground while you're eating.

You love pushing your walker wagon all around the house for loooong stretches of time. I have to follow you around and help you turn it around when you hit a dead-end. Otherwise, you can get quite distraught. You have the most adorable little waddle-walk.

You started (and basically never stopped) waving this month. You wave whenever you see us (with a huge smile on your face), and you wave at people at the park. You love going to the park to crawl all around and watch the other children. You have just started standing up and letting go. You shock yourself whenever it happens.

You grew one of your front teeth, so you no longer look like the cutest vampire ever.

You continue to eat everything. Your favorites are guacamole (even guacamole that is too spicy for Henry and me to enjoy) and queso. I broke down and gave you the tiniest bit of ice-cream this month; we were all eating it, and it felt so rude to deny you the taste that you so desperately wanted.

You love going for walks and being outside in general. You love, love, love when Henry doesn't have school and he gets to stay home with you all day. Henry makes you giggle constantly.

Another thing that makes you giggle is when I find that magic tickle spot on your knees. You know it's coming, and you crack up. You love reciprocating by blowing huge raspberries on my stomach. You love to play with us.

Our house is full of people every day right now (we're giving the school free rent), and you love all the people you get to see on a daily basis. You always want to know what's happening. I can never get enough of your smiles and waves!

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