Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May: Reflection & Rejuvenation

Unfortunately May is already here and I'm behind on getting myself set up for the month! Oh well. It is what it is. [insert a large serving of self-forgiveness]

Let's see how I did this month: 
  • Run at least two times a week and stretch at least 3 times weekly. My running has been getting a lot better. I'm still not actually tracking it, but at least I'm running. 
  • Get a garden planted--so exciting! Yes! We did it. It is so awesome to have a garden between our front door and our cars. Seriously, it's so much easier to stay on top of the weeding, monitoring, and harvesting. We've already harvested a couple strawberries and cherry tomatoes. And we have a baby butternut squash growing! It's truly a miracle to watch. Life is absolutely mind-blowing. 
  • Organize Henry's and Tate's closets--get rid of baby stuff that we no longer need! I did this for Henry's closet. I purchased Tupperware so it would make it easier to see what toys he has and to rotate them out. I also purchased a large Tupperware container for Tate and Henry. I pared down all their baby stuff to a couple of items (I still can't believe I did it). I saved a couple of their sweet outfits, their first hats, and that's basically it. The goal is to constantly pare down their memorability to fit within one large Tupperware container each. Anyway else we want to "save" we can just document with photos. I know it's going to be hard, but I think it's better in the long-run to live with less clutter and fewer things stored away in closets. 
  • Update the guest bathroom: I was able to purchase a new shower curtain. That's it. I did spend some time working on this goal; I just couldn't find very much that I actually liked, and I figured it was better not to rush it. 
  • Host a get together with colleagues: Yes! Our IKEA deck furniture made it so fun to congregate out there. 
  • Update Tate's scrapbook: It was so simple to send my Instagram photos from my phone to our local Walgreens using my Printicular app, but I haven't picked up the photos yet. I tried but couldn't remember which Walgreens I sent them to. Yes, my brain is still fried from sleep-deprivation. 
What else do I want to celebrate from this month? The school is coming along well, and we open in fewer than 80 days! Also, Matt and I have been doing a good job of prepping food on the weekends, so that meal prep is a lot easier during the week. We're still wondering when this whole parenting-two-kids thing is going to get easier. It's mainly the sleep. Tate is finally learning to sleep through the night, but it feels like he gets sick nearly every other day. As soon as he has a stuffy nose and can't suck on his four pacifiers, he wants nothing to do with sleep. 

But let's stay focused on the positive. What do I want to bring into my life this month? 
  • Go to bed by 10:30pm every night
  • Clear out my e-mail inbox every day
  • Run at least three times a week
  • Do one yoga pose before bed each night
  • Drink two big water bottles of water each day
  • Add one new meal to our monthly rotation
  • Get our backyard finished 
  • Plan Tate's party
That seems about right, given that we're almost halfway through the month! 
Image from Nikki McClure's calendar 

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Prettylittlemess said...

I just went back "home" to clean out my childhood bedroom, the place I lived from age 12 to 24 (off and on the years past 18). In my family, I am definitely the purger, but there was still a lot of "stuff". I spent three days going through, spent time with my mother and ended it with a yard sale where I was practically giving things away with joy.

Did you have to go through things left at your mother's house? I am just curious since this is something I consider how I will approach as a parent when my time comes. I don't think I could eliminate things to one box. There were a lot of reminders of who I was as a person in the room that I sorted through. It was a wonderful experience, one I am sure many don't want or need to have. But I am glad I got a reminder of the person I was, the things I did and the people I met. I don't know if the same emotions can be conveyed via photographs of objects without physically touching them.

Then again, I think this is how I am wired as a person. I know you seem to be wired to avoid clutter. I wonder if that will eliminate some joy for your boys when they are older.

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