Monday, June 2, 2014

11 Months: Happy, Happy Birthday, Tater Tot!

Oh, Tater. You are the sweetest. You are so full of personality, and you add so much to our lives on a daily basis. You make our family more vibrant, more fun, more hilarious, and more interesting. We feel so lucky to be around you and to bask in your presence every day. 

You love being the center of the action. Right now we are waiting for the school portables to be delivered, so several members of my team work out of our house every day. You love having all the ladies around! You are always trying to get their attention while they work, and you are desperate to bang on a computer like everyone else does. When there's construction going on in the street or in our backyard, you are glued to the window. You are so curious and observant. You blow me away with your intelligence on a daily basis. 

This month you accidentally learned how to stand. It's a bi-product of trying to use two hands to do something else. You're so focused on the activity at hand that you don't even notice that you're standing! The second you realize it, you plop right down. You also learned how to use slides this month. At the park, you know how to climb up the stairs, turn around, and slide down on your stomach by yourself. On our little slide at home, you walk straight up the front of the slide and then slide back down. Over and over. 

Your laugh is frequent and contagious. You think Henry is the most hilarious thing on Earth. 

You are finally, finally learning to sleep through the night. Mainly because you are not sick or teething! You've had a pretty constant stuffy/runny nose all winter/spring--I think thanks to the germs Henry brings home from school. 

You continue to love your pacifiers. You like having one in your mouth and one in each hand. It's hilarious. 

You are hilarious. You honestly bring so much joy into our lives. Your hair is growing into a curly mullet and we can't bear to cut it. We just call you our little hockey player. You love snuggling and wrestling. You really are pure joy. 

Thanks for being you, Little Buddy. And thanks for sharing yourself with our family. 

We are so grateful. 

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