Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Intentions for Vacation

Vacation is upon us! It's hard to fully embrace the feeling of "vacation" when I have to get a school open in fewer than 50 days, but it is time for vacation. And we only get to live this wild and precious life once, so I don't want to lose sight of this time. And I am freaked out by the fact that 14 years ago I joined Teach For America and moved to rural Louisiana to teach 3rd grade in a town with only five stoplights. It doesn't seem long ago at all. In 14 more years, Henry will be 17 years old and heading into his senior year of high school. They always say it goes fast; I believe them and I really am trying to savor every last drop (even though I've been whining lately and struggling a bit with how hard it is to have two young children so close in age). 

So, vacation. We are heading to Michigan with Matt's family. Vacations with family are so nice, particularly at this stage in life. Henry and Tate will be thrilled to see Grandma and Papa, and it will be so nice to get a little reprieve. 

I'm a little sad to think about our last trip to Michigan two years ago. I had just found out that the baby I was carrying wasn't developing and I was waiting around for the natural miscarriage to start. It was a hard time, for sure. My heart goes out to those of you who are dealing with something similar. 

I will definitely have to do a little work while I'm gone to keep up with e-mail and make sure everything is moving ahead for the school, but I'll try to keep my work restricted to times when it's easy to multitask (like when everyone else is watching sports or other TV). 

Mainly, I want to relax. I want to talk and reconnect with others, read something super-light (and fit in a few books for work), maybe play Scrabble with Matt which we haven't done in ages, go out to the movies with Matt since we never make time for dates, dance, and play with my boys like there is no tomorrow. 

So excited! 

Do you have any fun travel plans for the summer? 

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Meghan said...

enjoy your vacation!

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