Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Backyard Complete!

Woo to the hoo-hoo! Our house is officially complete (well, for now). We have lived here more than a year, but we were finally able to finish the backyard landscaping. 

When we first moved in, we were scraping together every last penny to put a downpayment on the house (not because it was very expensive but because I was only working part-time and then not at all once Tate was born). Once we lived here for a while, we saved up our money again and were able to get the front yard professionally landscaped. After that, we continued to save up money and also take out a loan in order to build a pool and get the backyard landscaped. 

The yard has distinct areas. Area one is a play area for kids. Right now it's just mulch, but we hope to build a sandbox, bring in a hammock, add some rocks, etc.

Area two is a firepit. We're thinking about these chairs for the area.

Area three is the pool with a patch of grass off to the side. Eventually we'll get some adirondack chairs for that area.

Area four is a bocce ball court surrounded by 12(!) fruit trees. In about five years the trees will grow up and over the court and provide amazing shade.

Area five is forest that leads down to the creek. Once we save up money again we'll tackle that area. It just needs to be cleared out a bit and then it will be an amazing place to explore. 

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Delray Busch said...

Question because I have a LO and interested in a pool. What are you doing for safety measures to ensure there is no chance of accidental drowning with the kids? Looks awesome!

Kristen said...

Your house journey is so inspiring! This past weekend I saw some land for sale in our area (Santa Barbara, CA) that was actually something we could possibly afford and had dreams of building. Watching your land purchase and house come together has been a big inspiration to me. Alas, when we checked out the land in person it was clear that it was not very build-able at all (most of it sloped with a small spot for building under some giant power lines) and so it was priced accordingly I guess. So I am feeling a vicarious happiness seeing your home a finished reality and am hoping for a home myself some day. Although in Santa Barbara it may take a LONG time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara, looks amazing - well done! Is there a fence around the pool we can't see in the pics? In Australia it's illegal to have a backyard pool without a fence because we've had so many tragic backyard drownings.

Sarah Kopper said...

Glad you now have the backyard of your dreams!

I was also curious about the safety aspect of having a pool with toddlers and how you all are approaching that issue. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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