Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It's that time of year again!


I love the planning, scheming, crafting, and creating that precedes October 31st.

Once Tate gets old enough, we'll let him start picking his own costumes. In the meantime, I'm trying to seize the opportunity to create family costumes.

Just like last year, we decided to let Henry pick his costume first, and then we built everyone else's costumes around his (it was a circus theme, and Tate was a strong man). This year Henry decided to be a lion. He didn't leave us with much to work with beyond The Wizard of Oz (which he doesn't know anything about), lions-and-tigers-and-bears-oh-my, a pride of lions, and a repeat of our circus theme.

We decided to be a box of animal crackers:

  • Henry = lion (we're going to dye a sweatshirt tan and then create a lion's mane from yarn)
  • Matt = elephant (he already owns this costume)
  • Me = giraffe (with these ears and tail, and a t-shirt painted with brown splotches)
  • Tate = tiger
We'll pull a wagon that is decorated like a box of animal crackers! 

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