Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Hobbies!

Image courtesy The Purl Bee

So sorry I missed posting last week! It's for a good reason: I have hobbies again! 

I took a class at a local yarn shop to learn how to make this cowl

And I've been reading. 

And Matt and I have been playing speed Scrabble. We give ourselves one minute per turn. It's actually been a really fun way get in a quick game. It also makes the process feel more engaging because we aren't looking at our phones or doing something else during the other person's turn. The only way it doesn't completely stress me out is if I spend the first couple seconds coming up with any word (even if it's not worth very many points). That way, I'm not anxious about the timer going off too soon because I know I can play something. 

Life is good!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Knitting is one of my favorite hobbies! And that cowl is perfect for fall.

I have a random diapering question. Did you and Matt end up purchasing additional diapers when you were expecting Tate? We are thinking about having baby #2 and were trying to figure out if additional diapers were needed or if our first would be far enough along in the potty training process (he's only 1 now, so that's super early I think?)

PS you were right about the drinking from a real glass. We've made a concerted effort and our little dude is getting it. He has a hard time setting the glass back down, but rarely spills on the way to his mouth. Thanks for the encouragement.

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