Monday, November 10, 2014

Thanksgiving Books!

Our new tradition of reading Halloween books in the weeks leading up to the holiday was a great success. Henry really enjoyed his holiday books, so much so that he wanted to dig into the Christmas books as soon as we book the Halloween ones away. 

As much as I love the holidays, I am not the kind of person who likes to start focusing on Christmas early. I like waiting until after Thanksgiving--one holiday at a time! 

I decided that it made sense to purchase some Thanksgiving books. Here's what we ordered:
It was hard to find the right kind of books for our family. As I've mentioned before, we try to stick to realistic fiction or non-fiction while Henry is a super concrete thinker and is trying to learn about the world through his five senses. We also don't want books that romanticize the relationship between white settlers and the indigenous people who were in North America first. 

So I have no idea how great these books will be, but we'll give them a try! I'll be sure to give you reviews and recommendations next year!  

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Safronia B said...

Oh my! Go directly to the library and check out Cranberry Thanksgiving!!
Particularly good for little concrete thinkers and literalists, it is the story of Maggie and Grandmother, Grandmother's secret-recipe cranberry bread (the recipe is in the book and simple enough for kids to make with help) and helping the "poor or lonely" (even if Mr. Whiskers smells of seaweed) and not being judgmental, especially at Thanksgiving.

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