Monday, December 8, 2014

No Time for Blogging

Just a quick post to say: "Sorry, I don't have time to blog this week!" 

Of course there's the usual stuff related to starting a school, but the more exhausting stuff has been:

  • Matt had to travel this past week, which meant I had to assume the role of Solo Parent (my heart goes out to those of you who have to deal with this regularly; it's so, so hard for me!)
  • I came down with a 24-hour bug on Friday afternoon, which left me incapacitated well into Saturday
  • Matt and Henry came down with the 24-hour bug on Sunday, so I had to go into Solo Parent mode again and take on Matt's share of house chores 
Even as I recount some of the hardships I faced this week, I am pushing myself to stay focused on the positive. I have so much to be grateful for. Two healthy children! An amazing life partner! Meaningful work! A supportive family! A healthy body! I am overwhelmed by everything that's going right in my world. It seems silly to waste time focused on the negative when I should instead cultivate gratitude. I'm working on this habit in my life right now. If I start to get annoyed or frustrated or whiny, I'm going to try to push myself to step back and focus--instead--on everything that's going right.

Anyway, I just wanted to check-in and say, "I'll miss you this week!" We are having so much fun with our Christmas Countdown activities each night, as well as our Christmas books. I'm getting started on my holiday cards and trying to finish up my shopping. Right after Thanksgiving, we went to a Christmas tree farm, took a hay ride out into the field, and then sawed down a tree from the field. 

See you next week!

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