Monday, January 12, 2015

Goals for the New Year

So, it's already the start of the year and I haven't yet shared my full list of goals for the year. I need to hurry up and do that so I can break them down and focus on my goals for the month (that's the only way I'm ever able to accomplish my yearly goals). Without further ado, here are my goals for the 2015 year:

  • Host a Reflection & Rejuvenation Retreat (if you're interested in possibly attending, e-mail me for details!)
  • Run a Purposeful Parenting course
  • Purge and organize our whole house
  • Set up and stick to a budget
  • Only work one hour per night
  • Balance our chores and accomplish them daily
  • Volunteer as a family
  • Go camping!
  • Invite friends over monthly
  • Plan a date night monthly
  • Drink 80 ounces of water/day
  • Run at least once per week
  • Stretch at least three times a week
  • Submit our house to Dwell for consideration
  • Plan fun vacations for spring and fall break
Honestly, I worry that these goals focus to much on what I'm going to do versus who I'm going to be. But there's nothing on this list that I want to take off. Nor do I want to add a whole additional list of qualities that I need to work on embodying. So I'm kind of torn. 

My overarching theme for this year is Balance. I've had virtually none of it for the past year. So many of these action-oriented goals push me to integrate more balance into my life. I'll be trying to work less and make more time for fun with family and friends. But I want to make sure that my to-do list isn't so loaded up with personal goals (alongside my never-ending list of professional goals) that I can't enjoy time with friends and family because I'm always thinking about what else I should/could be doing. 

Maybe it comes down to how I organize these goals into monthly intentions. Perhaps there's a way in which I can tackle these things in non-stressful and non-overwhelming ways. 

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Kristy said...

Great goals! Having tangible to do items vs. qualities on the list sometimes helps me focus and I can feel good with the instant gratification of checking those things off once I've completed them. I struggle with balance too as a working mom of 3 (especially focusing on nurturing my marriage - one of my 2015 Goals!). I can't wait to follow along with your monthly goal updates again. They help me to keep inspired and chugging along with my own goals.

Audrey said...

I think by focusing on balance thus year, you will automatically be nurturing the qualities of yourself you aspire to have more of. Two birds with one stone goal setting!

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