Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January: Reflection & Rejuvenation

Phew. It feels so good to be back in this space--the space where I step back at the start of each month and set intentions about what I want the upcoming month to feel and look like. This process is the one that allows me to muster up the courage that it takes to tackle really scary goals (like starting a school). When you break big things down into smaller steps, they suddenly feel much more manageable. 

This past year was the kind of year that bulldozed right over me. But it was all stuff that I chose to bring into my life, so I can't complain about it. Needless to say, setting aside time for monthly intention setting was purposefully set aside so that I could just survive. 

But 2015 is a new year! And I am eager to reconnect with this process (even if some months I come here and say I have to take a pass on actually striving to accomplish anything personal in the month because I'm too overwhelmed by the professional). 

So with that caveat, here's what I've got on the docket for January:

  • Organize Henry’s closet
  • Organize junk drawer
  • Get our wood siding refinished
  • Paint our deck
  • Plan Reflection & Rejuvenation retreat (e-mail me for details!)
  • Get budget set
  • Work one hour a night and balance our chores
  • Invite friends over
  • Date night! 
  • Plan First Thursday Fun for next month
  • Drink 80 ounces of water a day
  • Run at least once a week
  • Stretch at least three times a week
  • Trade out the boys’ toys weekly
  • Plan Henry's birthday party
The trick is going to be keeping these intentions at the forefront of my mind. I'm going to paste them into my daily action plan in OneNote, so I'm forced to look at them each day. 

I'm feeling like these are doable! 

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