Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Change the Way You See Everything

Yesterday's post reminded me of a book I bought many, many years ago. Although I've cleared out a lot of the books I'll never read again, I did save several of my self-help books that I never made it through. Change the Way You See Everything through Asset-Based Thinking is one of those books.

I think it's exactly what I need to focus on right now, both in my professional and my personal life. 

Just think what could be possible if people focused their attention on:
  • Opportunities rather than problems
  • Strengths more than weaknesses
  • What can be done instead of what can't
When you decrease your focus on what is wrong (deficit-based thinking) and increase your focus on what is right (Asset-Based Thinking), you build enthusiasm and energy, strengthen relationships, and move people and productivity to the next level. 

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CCL said...

I appreciate the idea of positive thinking. I try to focus on changing my thoughts a lot when I want to improve how I feel about things. But I hope the book addresses the challenges that mental health can present to some people. My husband struggles with mental health issues and he has less control over his thoughts than I do, sometimes. For many people, it's not so easy.

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