Monday, February 2, 2015

February: Reflection & Rejuvenation

February is here. So fast! We are already 1/12 of the way through the year with just a blink of an eye. How did that happen? 

Here's what I set out to do this month: 
  • Organize Henry’s closet: Yes! 
  • Organize junk drawer: Yes!
  • Get our wood siding refinished: Nope. We decided to use the money in our Home Improvement budget to buy this IKEA desk in white for Matt.
  • Paint our deck: No, see reason above.
  • Plan Reflection & Rejuvenation retreat (e-mail me for details!): Yes! It's on the calendar for July in Austin! 
  • Get budget set: Yes! 
  • Work one hour a night and balance our chores: Um, I've still been working 3-4 hours a night, but I have gotten better at balancing our chores. 
  • Invite friends over: Yes! We spontaneously invited our neighbors over on a lovely Sunday afternoon. I recently read this article about inviting friends over and not stressing about it, and I tried to channel it as I served a regular ol' meal to them!
  • Date night! Yes! And we have one on the calendar for February, too.
  • Plan First Thursday Fun for next month: Yes! A friend and I will be going out for dinner.
  • Drink 80 ounces of water a day: I'm doing this most days, I think.
  • Run at least once a week: Yes! Well, in my Writer's Notebook, I track this goal as needing to run four times a month. I saved it until the very last minute, so I've had to run every weekend day since MLK Day.
  • Stretch at least three times a week: Matt and I have built this into our nightly routine, and we now do it pretty regularly. 
  • Trade out the boys’ toys weekly: I've been trying to, but Henry honestly doesn't have many toys to trade out! 
  • Plan Henry's birthday party: Yes! 
Wow. That feels pretty productive. New Year's Resolutions are easiest to maintain in January, right? 

Now I need to go to my list of goals for the year and see what I have on the agenda for February:
  • Purge and organize our entryway
  • Work one hour a night and balance our chores
  • Invite friends over
  • Plan First Thursday Fun for March
  • Drink 80 ounces of water a day
  • Run at least once a week (for a total of four times in February)
  • Stretch at least three times a week
  • Trade out the boys’ toys weekly
  • Submit our house to Dwell Magazine for consideration 
  • Introduce a new meal to our rotation
  • Get our taxes done

    Those goals seem pretty reasonable! 

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    Cali Cole said...

    I just love your monthly goals and how you check back in with yourself!

    Michele said...

    Three cheers for goals and progress- but also- thanks for linking such a wonderful article! We need some Friday Night Meatballs here.

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