Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Home Tour: Austin

Master bedroom

Tate's bedroom

Henry's bedroom


Other direction

Living room


Boys' bathroom

Back of the house

Backyard firepit


I can't believe we've lived here for more than a year and a half and I haven't featured a home tour! Sorry about that. (Here's the tour of our old house in Houston, if you're interested). 

As a recap of the process, Matt and I purchased architectural plans that were already in existence, which helped reduce the overall cost. This was the third time this particular house has been built in Austin. Because we were able to find an odd-shaped piece of empty land that was priced inexpensively, the total cost of the project ended up being on par with the selling price of renovated homes in our neighborhood. 

I can't think of anything else to say! We love living here and are full of gratitude. 

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Heather Shoberg said...

Thanks for sharing pics! I am in love with how much natural light your home has, and the overall space. This is almost exactly what I've been dreaming of for our future home.

Meghan said...

It looks like such a beautiful, bright, welcoming home, Sara!
I would love to live in a modern house or apartment some day. I love the clean lines and the big windows.

AZ said...

So beautiful! As we make housing plans for the future and sometimes mention the idea of building our own place, I always bring you up, and say "We could build a house like Sara Cotner's!" I've loved every glimpse I've gotten of the space. Bravo.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the tour! I know you said you rotate the boys toys every week (or try to) where do you store them when they are out of rotation? And where do Henry's toys live when they are in rotation? Also.. when you have guests where do they stay? (if that is something that happens). Also have you removed all home office space/materials since you are both working out of the home now or is that hidden somewhere:)? Thanks! Every month I'm trying to tackle a new "everything has a space" project.

mamaschlick said...

I noticed you don't have shades or curtains on many windows including your bedroom. Does that get hard when you want privacy or there's too much sun?

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, Stephanie!

There's a bookshelf in Henry's room that you can't see in these photos. There's a better view of it in this post:

Also, here's a video tour that shows where I keep all of the toys for the boys that are out (this is old, but it will give you an idea):

Toys that are out of rotation are high up in Henry's closet.

Guests either stay on a futon mattress in the living room (which we store in a closet) or they sleep in Henry's room (with the queen-sized bed) while he sleeps in Tate's room on the pull-out couch.

I'm not sure what kind of office stuff you're talking about. I keep tape, paper clips, etc. in storage baskets, and I work on my laptop most of the time, so I just pull it out of my bag when I need it. We just bought a secretary's desk for Matt from IKEA, so he has some "office" type stuff in there like headphones, etc. I love that it closes up when not in use. It's the same concept for our bedside tables. They are old filing cabinets, so there's plenty of space to store junk that would otherwise accumulate on the surface.

Enoka said...

Beautiful spaces! Where did you get that awesome slide from?!

Sara E. Cotner said...


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