Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Reflection & Rejuvenation: March

Oh, March, how did you manage to sneak up on me so stealthily? I didn't even see you coming. 

I was afraid to look at my goals for this month because I really haven't been looking back at them. I have them in my action plan, but my org system has been overwhelmed with work stuff. 

But that's what this monthly process of accountability is for--for better or worse!

    • Purge and organize our entryway: I did this on March 1st! I'm really not too fond of my strategy of tackling one thing a month. I would much rather take a weekend and get everything done at once. 
    • Work one hour a night and balance our chores: Sadly, no. The plan was to work from 6:45pm-7:45pm and then clean from 7:45pm-8:00pm. Then I was going to relax from 8-10. The problem is I'm not done working by 7:45, so I don't want to stop in the middle of what I'm doing to clean. How about if I try this: work until 8:15, clean until 8:30 and then relax until 10? We'll see how it goes! This kind of work-life balance is so important and yet desperately missing from my life! 
    • Invite friends over: Yes, for Henry's birthday party! 
    • Plan First Thursday Fun for March: I think this month's First Thursday Fun will be me going to get my hair cut. I haven't done it in a year! 
    • Drink 80 ounces of water a day: Mostly! 
    • Run at least once a week (for a total of four times in February): Ugh. No, I didn't run even once! I feel like such a clich√© (I hit my fitness goal in January right after the new year, but lost my momentum in February). An important step I took toward this goal was working with another parent at my school to try and plan a group that would head to the local YMCA after school. We could work out while our children played together in the childcare room. The YMCA recently cut-back on its childcare hours, so we are trying to talk with them about what our options are. Hopefully we'll get it sorted out and can start this month! 
    • Stretch at least three times a week: Yes! Matt and I are still doing this. 
    • Trade out the boys’ toys weekly: No, not really. 
    • Submit our house to Dwell Magazine for consideration: Yes! They wrote back asking for more photos but then we didn't hear anything else. Oh well. At least I tried! 
    • Introduce a new meal to our rotation: Oops. I'll do that for my next blog post!
    • Get our taxes done: Yes! It was a huge pain in the butt, but it's done! 
    Oh, March. What do we have in store for each other? 
    • Whip my organization system into shape and set it up each week and night. I like my OneNote system, but I need to use it better. I need to take things out that I'm really not going to do, and I need to move things to the next day if they didn't get accomplished. 
    • Run at least four times this month. 
    • Stretch at least three times a week. 
    • Organize the baskets in our hallway closet. 
    • Submit ideas to present at the 2016 American Montessori Society Conference. 
    • Focus on staying positive with Henry.
    I think I'll stop there! I'm still feeling pretty fragile and overwhelmed by the process of opening a school. I need to take it easy on myself! 

    What is my mantra for the year? I seem to have forgotten! Last year's was "Make a clearing." Oh, yes. This year's is "Balance." I need to keep that word at the forefront of my mind this month. 

    Have a great March! 

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    Cali Cole said...

    Sara, where do you keep your reflections and rejuvenations. In your binder? On your computer?


    Sara E. Cotner said...

    HI, Cali Cole! I keep my goals within my action plan (which is kept on my computer in a program called OneNote). I hope that helps!

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