Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Planning a Neighborhood Movie Night

When Matt and I were dreaming and scheming about building a house, we purchased a large outdoor movie screen, so that we could invite friends over and watch movies outside. 

Now that we've lived in our house for almost two years, we should get this party started! 

Maybe once a month? In April, May, June, July, August, and September? 

We would definitely need to do it after bedtime since our boys go to bed so early. Maybe it could start at 7pm? And we could socialize for the first 30 minutes and then start the movie at 7:30pm? 

We could just open the back gate and let people enter from the side. The whole event could be outside except for if someone needs to use the restroom. We could offer popcorn and a tasty drink. What would be the best way to make popcorn outside? We could invest in a hot air popcorn maker and use an extension cord to plug it in:
  • This one use hot air and makes 10 cups in 3 minutes
  • This one uses oil and makes 24 cups in 5 minutes
  • This one use hot air and makes 18 cups in 2.5 minutes and has more than 5,000 reviews and 4.5 stars; it's only $17 and it has a little cup you can use to melt butter

We could set up the screen in a place where people could put blankets on the grass, chairs on the Bocce Ball court, or they could even float in the pool! Okay, this is starting to sound really fun. I could carry around flyers in my car, so if I spot a new neighbor, I could invite them over. 

And for the movies? Maybe we should have a theme each season? Or just pick a random movie and collect suggestions for the next one? 

If we did go with a theme for a whole season, do you have any ideas? 

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Shawn said...

Love this idea! Sounds like so much fun and a really special memory.

Jillian L said...

I love this idea and have the same idea for my own yard, since we moved in 5.5 years ago! ;) We just now got some grass put in, and hope to finish the landscaping soon. It was a vast wasteland previously. I'm excited to do this, even if it's just with my immediate family for now. :)

Anthropolochic said...

Inspired by a post you wrote waaaaay back about screening silent movies, we did this, but in our living room (we didn't have a backyard) one year and the length of the movies could really make or break the night. So - I'm going throw in the suggestion of starting with a night of shorts, or other movies with short running times (like many silent movies). Thirteen (PBS NYC) usually has about 5 on their website at any given time. There are sites dedicated to the form as well.

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