Monday, June 15, 2015

Update on Toilet Training our 23 Month-Old

I'm so sorry I didn't post the winner of our contest last week! The winner of a free copy of Toilet Awareness by Sarah Moudry is....

Erika K. Thanks for this. I need a jumpstart for our 22 mo old!

Congratulations, Erika! Please e-mail me your address!

Toilet learning has been going really well with Tate at 23 months-old. He is so much less resistant than Henry was about sitting on the toilet frequently. Every hour or so, I say, "Tate, let's go put some pee in the toilet!" He is sometimes resistant to stop whatever he is doing, so I will often encourage him to bring it with him. If we go out, I just bring his little toilet with us.

If he has an accident in his underwear, it's only a little bit of urine because he's putting pee in the toilet nearly every hour.

When we're swimming, he can tell when he needs to go pee. He gets out of the water, walks over to the edge of the backyard, and pees.

So far, so good!

P.S. This photo isn't what his experience normally looks like. We did purchase this seat insert for the big toilet, but he still typically uses his little toilet.

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Anonymous said...

We've been talking about the toilet with our 20 month old, who is still in diapers. He's even peed on the toilet a couple of times. However, everyone in my life keeps telling me that he isn't "ready." I've not been pushing the issue of toilet awareness, but I do think that he is capable of using the toilet. We have a baby due end of July, and I'd really like to be able to have already started. What are your thoughts on 'readiness'

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