Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dreaded Chores

The house we stayed in for the Reflection & Rejuvenation retreat was absolutely stunning. It inspired me to want to take better care of my home (pictured above) because I am deeply impacted by my physical surroundings. For example, there are lots of maintenance things that need to get done on our house that are negatively impacting its beauty:
  1. The wood siding is molding and needs to be power-washed, scrubbed, and restained
  2. The deck paint is peeling off :-(
  3. We have some warped bamboo floorboards from water damage that need to be replaced
  4. Henry accidentally pulled one of the towel hooks off the wall and we haven't done anything about it
It's hard for me to prioritize these things because taking care of them is no fun at all. And yet the amount of work that is actually required pales in comparison to how good it will feel when those task are done. 

The other thing I want to do is rethink our bedroom comforter. I have always loved duvet covers over down comforters, but I feel like our duvet comforter is always slipping off and isn't comfortable to sleep on. Maybe I'll sew in some straps like this video suggests. I'm also thinking about getting a rug for the end of my bed so that I can easily do yoga each night without pulling down my mat. 

I hope I can follow-through with these minor task because I know they will have a major impact. 

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BethanyBoo said...

I clip my comforter into the duvet cover with small binder clips. Start with the duvet cover inside out, clip the corners, then flip the whole thing so it's no longer inside out. It works pretty well and the binder clips have never bothered me.

Nora said...

Sewing in the straps will take minutes. No need to "rethink" the entire comforter.

Nora said...

Sewing in the straps will take minutes. No need to "rethink" the entire comforter.

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