Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Yes, it's that time of year when I sound like a crazy person for planning Halloween so early. It takes me a lot of time to brainstorm ideas and then execute something! 

This year, we are replicating what we did last year: We let Henry pick his costume, and the rest of us plan around him. This year will be our last year of going down that path, since Tate will be three next year and will likely want to go his own way. 

I sat down with Henry and had him use his moveable alphabet to spell out his ideas. He immediately new what he wanted to be: a picnic basket. I'm thinking we'll make him a little romper out of a table cloth and glue a plate with some plastic food to his body. We can buy him tights and sew some ants crawling up his leg.

The possibilities for the rest of us are endless! I think we will reuse our homemade strawberry costume for Tate (he has already agreed to be a strawberry). I'm thinking about one of those balloon grape costumes for Matt. And I'm thinking about being a pineapple. So fun! 

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