Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Farewell Summer, Fall Is Coming!

It's funny how the seasonal shift is so sudden. We woke up the Saturday after Labor Day and it was noticeably cooler. We suddenly needed fall clothes instead of summer ones. 

The way it works in Texas, though, is pretty awesome. We will have Fall for a little bit but then it will suddenly spike back up to Summer. I like it because it alleviates some of the "grass is greener syndrome" that can happen with the weather. Just when I'm starting to miss swimming, it will get really hot and we can jump back in the pool. 

But while it's a little bit cooler, I want to think about what my intentions are for this season. I finally bought this book. I hope that I will actually read it and get some ideas about how to align my families' activities more with nature.

Our goals for the season: 
  • Go to a pumpkin patch
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Host a Halloween trick-or-treating party for our neighbors
  • Make homemade Halloween costumes for the four of us
  • Have a great Thanksgiving dinner with friends
  • Host a couple more backyard movie nights before it gets too cold
  • Be fully prepared for Christmas by the end of November!

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