Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The End of Toilet Paper?

Listening to Kelsey and Chris's podcast, Matrimoney, is introducing all sorts of new ideas and goals into my life around money. But it's also getting me interested in the idea of eliminating toilet paper from our master bathroom. 

Yes, seriously!

On the podcast, they talk about using the diaper sprayer attached to their toilet to clean their private areas before using a resusable baby wipe (the kind made out of fabric) to pat dry. Then they went on to get a bidet for their bathroom.

I am always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact, and I'm interested in exploring this idea. Kelsey, what kind of bidet did you get? 

This article explains that bidets are actually gaining popularity in the U.S. So interesting!

I'm considering this $27 attachment. It sounds crazy--even to me--but it's worth exploring!

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Kelsey said...

I love our bidet so much! I need to ask Chris to send me the exact model and I will let you know, I think it was about $50, we have been really happy with it. It's been so funny how strange people think it is when really it's so much cleaner and hygienic to use a bidet than toilet paper alone, I wonder why bidets are so common in other parts of the world but not here, especially with our obsession with cleanliness? Maybe because of our obsession with disposable things?

Kelsey said...

Here's the bidet we have :)

mamaschlick said...

Does it increase your water bill? Uses more water, no? Though you save paper...

Julie said...

I used cloth wipes for my daughter when she was in diapers. I liked it so much and it saved so much money/waste.

I made a spray wipe solution (

and used a wipe dispenser (

that cost $20 but it was worth it. I folded the wipes like this (

and then they would just pop out when I needed them. When I changed her, I would spray the wipe a few times and then use it like a regular wipe. I just tossed the wipes in with the cloth diapers and washed a couple times a week. Once I was doing that and had the confidence that all the poop DID come off in the wash and they were sanitary to re-use, I could imaging using these instead of toilet paper. Haven't pulled the trigger yet, but your post is inspiring me!

Annie said...

After trying water you can't go back! When the weather is hot, you don't even need to dry off.
It has also really helped with UTI's and yeast infections which I used to get on the regular. 2 years into using water and not a single one.

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