Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another Easy DIY Baby Quilt

I made another easy DIY baby quilt. I love breaking quilting rules in ways that make a project much quicker and easier.

For this project, I:
  • Decided on the ultimate size of the quilt (36" x 36").
  • I cut strips of fabric at various widths using a mat and a rotary cutter.
  • I ironed the strips.
  • I sewed the strips together (ironing down the seams between each addition).
  • Once the quilt top was ready, I placed it right side to right side with the fleece bottom and sewed it almost completely shut.
  • At the end I flipped it inside out and sewed the last bit closed. 
These quilts are so quick and satisfying!

Here's one I made for a friend and Tate.

And the one I made for baby Henry (when he was in utero and we were calling him "Coconut".

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1 comment:

Phae Feaga said...

I made several baby blankets recently and I followed a YouTube tutorial that explained: to keep the two pieces from sliding around, to tack stitch in a few places through both layers. If you haven't already given this away I would recommend it. Or maybe you did the stitches and you just didn't mention it since you are a more experienced sewer than me and it goes without saying?
Anyway, can't wait to be neighbors.

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