Monday, November 9, 2015

Cheap Massages

I've been going to regular physical therapy appointments to overcome my lower back pain, and my physical therapist recommended that everyone get massages at least once a month. Love it! 

But then I remembered that we are tightening our belts and sticking to our budget so that we can continue to save money. 

So I did some searching on Yelp and found a massage school that offers $35 hour-long massages (and you are prohibited from tipping, so it really is only $35). 

I booked an appointment right away. 

I have to say that you kind of get what you pay for. It was good, but not great. And I hate the unpredictability of not knowing who it's going to be every month and whether or not it's going to be good. 

I might try out Massage Envy next month. Massages are $59.99, so I could pay about $70 with tip. That would be an extra $420 per year (more than the massage school). If I could see the same massage therapist every time, that might be worth it. 

Or there's an independent massage therapist who offers three massages for $201 ($67/each), which would be about $540 more than the cheap massage school per year. Reading the reviews is pretty compelling. 

Choices, choices!

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breezyred said...

This year I also started working in regular massage therapy into my schedule. I lucked out in that my neighborhood YMCA offers massage therapy for $20/40/60 30/60/90-minutes sessions. I believe this YMCA is the only one in the area that has this service, and I am sure this isn't a universal program, but I wonder if a local gym or community center near you offers a similar set up.

Meghan said...

You should check your health insurance. My health insurance covers acupuncture and massage which I can get at the same place. And if I do it back to back they waive one of the co-pays. Depending on your insurance, I think they can also bill it is chiropractic. Personally I think it's an important part of healthy living. It feels like such a luxury but it is also helping me be healthy from day today

Emily Rittenberg said...

I highly recommend you find a chiropractor who is certified in the Active Release Technique. It is a very specialized soft tissue treatment that is considered the "gold standard". I would also look into Foundation Training (free videos on YouTube). Just my advice as a chiropractors wife!

Sara E. Cotner said...

Thanks for the advice, Everyone! You all are awesome!

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