Monday, November 2, 2015

How to Resurrect Trick-or-Treating in Your Neighborhood

This Halloween we hosted our third annual neighborhood party. We buy inexpensive pizza, chop up some fruit, set out some water and Italian sodas, and bring some of the boys' toys outside. We gather for about an hour in the driveway and on the front porch to play and eat. Then we go trick-or-treating as a group. 

This year, we set out:
  • An easel with crayons and paper
  • Two bean bags with a hopscotch drawn on the sidewalk
  • A ring toss game
  • Trains and tracks to build with
  • Large legos to build with
Three Halloweens ago, we had just moved into our new house in a neighborhood that didn't have much trick-or-treating. I wrote this post wondering about how to revive trick-or-treating

This year, it was so fun to look at how many friends and neighbors we were able to gather together. Some folks we only see once a year, and it's great to see the additions to their families and the children growing bigger every year. It was fun to think back on our first party when Tate was only four months-old and dressed like a strongman to go along with our family circus theme. 

I remember how insecure I felt about hosting that first party. What if no one came? What if no one opened their doors when we came around to trick-or-treat? I'm so glad I pushed through the insecurity and just did it anyway.

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