Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Card Update

So back in October I was way ahead with getting my holiday cards done. I wrote a yearly update about my life and sent 16 photos to a graphic designer on Etsy to make the card. 

I was still ahead when I got them printed through Costco. And even when I picked up some awesome stamps from the post office. 

I started to fall behind while I was waiting for my return address stamp to arrive from Etsy, and now that I need to get more than 100 people's addresses, I'm really far behind! 

I need to hurry up!

Holiday cards have been arriving at our house, so I strung up some twine and clip each card to it with a tiny clothespin. It's really sweet. 

The holidays are so fun!
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Shawn said...

We used to get addresses for our wedding and it was really efficient. Happy holidays!

Desiree Rose said...

Hello! Just writing to say I love your blog. I haven't popped in for a while, but I re-discovered your site today. So glad you're still writing! Keep the good stuff coming :-)

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