Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Time to Hibernate

I'm laughing as I write the word "hibernate" because living in Central Texas requires anything but hibernating. This weekend I went running around the lake in shorts and a t-shirt!

But Winter Break is upon us, and it's time for me to hang up my blogging shoes until January. Even though we are working really hard to keep our holiday season low-key, we are still going to be busy spending time with family. 

I need to really think about what my intentions are going to be for next year. I want to shift my focus away from doing to being. As much as possible. I'll always be a doer. And what we do affects who we are. But you know what I mean. 

My word for 2015 was "balance." I didn't do too great of a job achieving that, but I'm on the right pathway for sure. 

For 2016, I'm really drawn toward focusing on my health and wellness. I feel like my body is desperately out of shape. My clothes don't fit. My muscles are weak. My back is still hurting me. 

I want to continue to be a positive and present parent. We've seen such a positively shift in Henry lately. I'm excited about my upcoming Purposeful Parenthood course and hope that you'll join us! 

I also want to self-publish five children's books with Matt. And I want to strengthen my graphic design skills to support that work. 

There I go with all that doing again. 

I honestly can't believe that we are nearly 20 years into this century. The year 2000 seems like yesterday. I want to cherish this time with my children. I know it's going to go fast. I'm looking forward to lots of vacations this year: at least three with my family, one with just Matt and me, and one by myself. 

I still have to formally fill out a reflection form and might even host the Third Annual Reflection & Rejuvenation Get Together.

Join us for the upcoming Purposeful Parenthood course! We'll be reflecting on the kind of family we are and the kind of family we want to become. Learn more...Register now!

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Kelsey said...

I'm always amazed at all that you do! With so much on your plate running your school and hoping to prioritize fitness plus parenting to young boys, maybe making a goal of just publishing one book would be less stressful that going for 5? I bet after the first one you will learn so much that the others might follow more quickly but I think publishing one book in one year on top of all that you already do would be amazing!

And I have to plug Orange Theory again! It is pricey, one class/week is about $60/month or two classes/week is $89. BUT it is so effective and I really look forward to going so I feel the price is worth it if it's getting me to do two high intensity workouts per week. I love the whole body work out and feel about as strong and fit as I ever have. You could even just do it for a few months to kick start your fitness and then after you are in your routine go back to running and working out on your own. I think there is an Orange Theory in your neck of the woods in Austin. The first class is free, you should check it out!

And I would seriously consider joining you for a rejuvenation/reflection retreat if it runs again!

Mary said...

Hi Sara,

I am interested in the Purposeful Parenthood class but don't see a start date listed anywhere. So when is it starting? Thanks, Mary

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