Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Getting My Life Back After Having Two Children

Henry turned five this past weekend. Tate will be three in July. 

And just this week, I started to feel like myself again. Like my old self. My pre-baby self!

This week I:
  • Talked to a good friend on the phone several times
  • Went running twice
  • Went to yoga
  • Started planning my summer Reflection & Rejuvenation Retreat
  • Started reading a book about healing my inner child
It looks so pithy when I write it out in a bulleted list, but it feels huge! I feel like the past five years I've only been able to choose three of five things from this list: big work, family, sleep, exercise, creative endeavors, emotional growth, or friends. I routinely chose the first three.

And this week I got to choose all of them!  

It feels like a major milestone. 

What a huge relief! 

As you know, this parenting journey has been hard for me. It's a relief to feel like I'm starting to find a semblance of balance. 

I think the trick is making sure to keep your eye on the vision of what you need in your life on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. It's much easier to figure out how to squeeze it in if you know what you want.


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Sasha-Ingenue said...

Wow! Me too! Shane is almost 28 months old (only 1 kid here... so far). And just this week I have noticed a big shift in how my days are filled. I paid for a membership at a yoga studio and plan to attend at 2-3 classes/week. I've been able to sit and read more. Honestly, another big shift just 36 hours ago was deactivating my facebook account. I also deleted to ap from my phone. This has been HUGE. I can't recommend it enough. It has taken me nearly a year to stop thinking about it and actually DO it. Sad, I know. But wow. I am amazed by how much "more" time I have. I can also feel myself being more present and I'm less irritable at home because I don't have that sense of being interrupted while scrolling through news feeds. Congrats on finding your old self. I can relate, it truly is a wonderful thing to once again feel like the person you remember being before life changed so completely. Sending excited and empathetic mama love.

Cali Cole said...

How funny...I clicked to comment and see Sasha (hi, Sasha), the person who introduced me to this blog! Congrats on feeling like yourself again. It is a struggle that I think so many people are too proud to admit, or don't require any "me" time. I have begun starting and completing art projects again and it feels so good to get my creative juices flowing. I agree with Sasha, getting off of facebook has been a huge help to my level of motivation. I was watching a news story on where 1000 facebook users gave it up for a month, and after a week, 88% (or something around that number) felt better and happier with their lives. I have been off since November 2015 and it was the catalyst to creating a more happier/healthier me! Way to go, girls!

Unknown said...

Yes! I feel this, too! Then I read this article and knew I had to share it here.

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