Monday, February 15, 2016

Looking for a Life Partner?


On the heels of Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but try to play Matchmaker. You see, I am a very picky person. When I was in the dating phase of my life, I had an Excel sheet with more than 100 (or maybe 200?) criteria of what I was looking for in a mate (including minute details, such as: “He does not kill spiders.” and “He turns off the water while he brushes his teeth.”)

In my 38 years of life (I just had a birthday last week!), I have come across three people whom I suspect I might have wanted to marry: One of them I actually married (love you, Matt!), one of them is happily married, and one of them is still single.

Since he is 44 years-old and wants to get married and have children, I am feeling urgent about helping him find an amazing life partner.

He is a deep thinker, he does meaningful work, he has high levels of integrity/loyalty, I imagine he would strive to be an equal parenting partner. He would be a good person to laugh with, to love, to work alongside, and to raise children with.

He is currently living in Seattle. Are you or someone you know looking for a life partner and interested in starting a conversation with him? If so, shoot me an e-mail to let me know!

And thanks for indulging this random, Amelie-esque blog post!

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