Monday, February 22, 2016

Organization La-La-Palooza!

I forgot to share all the organizing I did during the Winter Break.

We finally got through the "Tornado Two" stage with Tate. We can now tell him not to rifle through every cabinet, closet, and drawer and he will actually listen to us.

It's a small miracle!

For someone like me who is pretty much a permeable membrane and soaks in the order or the chaos around me, I was ecstatic to be able to get everything organized. Here's what I was able to accomplish:
  1. Organize under the kitchen sink
  2. Organize the pantry
  3. Organize the cabinets above the refrigerator
  4. Organize the office supply basket
  5. Organize under the second bathroom sink
  6. Organize Henry's closet
  7. Organize Tate's closet
  8. Organize under the master bathroom sink
  9. Organize the master bathroom drawers
  10. Organize the master bathroom closet
My approach was always the same:
  • Pull everything out.
  • Separate it into piles: To keep, To toss/recycle, To donate
  • Clean out the area
  • Put the "keep" items back in. 
It feels so much better around our house now! 

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