Monday, February 8, 2016

Trying to Prioritize Family When Traveling for Work


The Spring is always a busy travel time for me. I usually attend several different education conferences, and this year I’ve had to travel to meetings with potential funders, as well as the Teach For America 25th Anniversary Summit.

My family definitely feels the impact of me being gone. I already feel like I get just barely enough time with my boys on a daily basis, so when I’m gone for a couple days, it feels even worse.

In an effort to reduce my time away, I’ve been trying to be conscious about my flights. When I compare flights, I look at how much time away I will miss. For example, if I fly to California at 9pm, I can do the whole dinner/bathtime/books/bedtime routine with my family and still get to my destination at a somewhat reasonable hour. I also try to make time to connect via FaceTime each day. It's fun to hear their voices and see their faces.

It's a constant conversation in my mind and consideration in my heart about how to pursue my passion and be a good mother. I don't always get it right, but I'm doing my best! 

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