Monday, May 16, 2016

5-Minute Fix, Months of Procrastination

Honestly, these are my least favorite posts to write--the ones where I have to confess that I have been dragging my feet for MONTHS and then finally did something that took about five minutes.

It has happened frequently, like here and here.

This time it was a little shelf that I wanted to install in my bathroom. I was convinced that we needed to have a professional install it. Then once I got over that idea I thought I needed Matt to install it with the drill. Once I waited for that to happen and it still didn't, I asked Matt for the drill to do it myself and found out we don't even have a real drill anymore. So then I grabbed our child-size drill and set out to do it myself.

And that's when I actually read the instructions and found out the shelf installation only required a screw driver. Seriously. A screw driver and about five minutes of work.


Oh well. [Insert vast amounts of self-forgiveness.]

The shelf is only fake-styled right now, but you can get a sense of the direction it's going. I'm so glad it's finally up!

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