Monday, May 9, 2016

Reflection & Rejuvenation: My Goals for May

Seriously, May? It's already May?

Whoa. There are only five weeks of school left. How is that possible?!?

Well, I started this post more than a week ago and am just now coming back to it. So now we are down to four weeks. 

Some highlights from my month:
  • I've been coaching four different people (just as friends, not for money) around their particular life goals, and it feels good to be helping people. I feel like I went through such a selfish, self-preservation period when I was trying to open the school and raise two young children. I'm so glad I'm finally able to look beyond my immediate needs to help others. 
  • I presented at the Yale School of Management conference about school redesign and it was so fun! 
  • We had an amazing event at school called Noche de Primavera. It was awesome to see that something I started has grown into something so much bigger than I could have ever created. 
  • Matt and I finished our book! It is in the final stages of being tweaked. I can't wait to share it with you!
But now? Now I feel like I am barely hanging on by a thread! The end of the school year is pure craziness.

The thought of setting goals for May feels like a joke. Well, that's not entirely true. The thought of setting ambitious, push-myself goals feels like a joke. But I do need to set self-care goals for myself.
  1. I need to turn off the lights by 10:00pm. Life is so much more difficult right now when I'm tired.
  2. I need to keep up with my running and my yoga. No excuses! I almost didn't go to yoga last week because I was so tired, but I made myself go and it was awesome. 
  3. I need to buckle down and get a lot of work done. I know this goal isn't exactly in the same genre as my other goals, but I need to remember that I have to work urgently to stay on top of everything. I can't get too sidetracked by self-care. I have to keep it to a minimum right now.  
The only other thing I want to do is look ahead to the summer. I want to fully immerse myself in my summer vacation (three weeks!). I don't want to be planning for it once it starts. So I guess that's my big goal for the month! 

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