Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How to Create a Letter Writing Station

If you've been following my blog the past couple of months, you know I am completely swamped with work stuff and just trying to keep my head above water. (As a side note, I enjoyed reading this article, which included this quote: "We're expected to do our jobs as if we don't have children — and then raise our children as if we don't have jobs.")

But right before the big tsunami of work stuff hit, I had a period where I was actually able to attain some balance. During that [very brief] period, I cleaned out the drawers in my bedside table and created a letter writing station, so that I could easily get back into the habit of sending hand-written correspondence. 

Oh, how I used to be such a cool and interesting person before I had children! I used to write letters! And send quirky postcards! 

It will be quite a while before I can regain the glory of my old days, but I at least wanted to make it easier on myself to send an occasional hand-written correspondence. 

Our bedside tables are old filing cabinets (found on Craigslist) that Matt spray painted. They have two drawers and then a really deep drawer for hanging files. We went with this option so that we could easily hide away clutter. 

Once one of the drawers was cleaned out, I filled it with cards, postcards, and stationary. I also have a clipboard so I can write while sitting on my bed. I have a pen, my address stamper, and postage stamps. Everything I need is in one location! It's incredibly easy to complete the whole post-card writing process is less than five minutes. 

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veg girl said...

Seems to me that you still do cool, interesting things - they're just new and different cool things. Like daily swims in your pool with your kids sounds pretty great to me.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Thank you for that perspective, veg girl! That's a really good way to look at it!

It's hard because I used to do a lot of cool, interesting things that benefited a variety of other people, and now most of that energy goes straight into my boys or the school.

But it's just the season of life that I'm in!

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