Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dearest Matt (on Our 8th Anniversary)

Matt and I have an anniversary tradition that involves one of us writing a letter and the other one planning an adventure. And then the next year we alternate. Neither of us is really gift people, and we already feel overwhelmed by the idea of buying each other two gifts a year (Christmas and birthdays) for the rest of our lives.

This year is my turn to write a letter.


My Love,

Another year is upon us. [insert content smile] It makes me happy to say that.

There is no other person with whom I would rather call my Life Partner. What a journey we are on! It hasn't been easy for us in recent years (and yet I am knocking on so much wood because it could be so much harder). I'm sorry that my job has been so consuming and that you have had to expand to fill the void my busy-ness creates in our lives. I am so grateful for your support as I undertake my life's work.

I hope our lives become more and more sustainable over time. We've made progress from the year before! And we continue to fill our days, weeks, months, and years with amazing memories as a family. We had so much fun heading to the Pacific Northwest during Fall Break. And then we went to Flagstaff for Spring Break. And of course there was the amazing San Juan Islands. And how could I forget our amazing get-away to Puerto Rico for a wedding? Divine.

Remember the Luminescent Bay? And Henry eating day-old fish out of a bag? And Tate's trip to the emergency room (and then again)? And the orcas? What a year. Oh, we also published a book! And you started your photography hobby!

I can't forget our Family Goals this past year. We went on road trips to Oklahoma and Dallas. We went to Lockhart (so.much.fried.food) and to the Bastrop 4th of July Pet Parade for the second year in a row (alpacas!). Oh, we also got a pig (Danger! Literally and figuratively).

Our life is so full of smiles and hugs (and naked boys--always, always naked). I am so grateful to share this adventure and this journey with you. You are a constant source of strength to me. You are my shoulder. You are there when I can't face the world. You tolerate my singer-songwriter aspirations (on repeat). You are such an amazing father to our boys. I couldn't imagine any of this with out you.

I look forward to another amazing year!

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