Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Energy Audit

I've been feeling such a lack of energy lately! I hate this feeling, and I need to do some introspection to figure out what's causing it and what I can do to regain some energy.

  1. Matt and I are inconsistent about turing the lights out at 10pm. We really need to do this! Getting adequate sleep is integral to having higher levels of energy. 
  2. I need to regularly take my multivitamins. As a vegetarian, I think I need the extra little boost of iron.
  3. I need to pick up the clutter around our house. I'm someone who is very impacted by my surroundings, and disorder leaves me feeling unsettled. 
  4. I need to stop working by 9pm every night. I need that time to decompress before my 10 o'clock bedtime. Lately I haven't had any time to respond to e-mail during the day, so it's taking me several hours at night. Also, I love falling asleep with Henry, which is pushing back the start of my work time by about 30 minutes. And this little nap is terrible for me because it means I'm not tired by bedtime. I'll save this habit for the weekend! 
  5. I need to resume my exercise habit. I did such a good job for the first third of the year, and not I'm out of the habit. It's so interesting that exerting energy leaves me with more energy! 
That's a good list to start with! 

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Erin said...

B12 Sarah. B12 is so difficult for vegetarians to get from dietary sources and it's so important for energy and emotional regulation. D3 also. Most Americans are wildly deficient in Vitamin D because we don't get nearly enough unprotected exposure to the sun, even when we live in warm/sunny climates.

Also, perhaps consider NOT taking a multivitamin and instead taking key vitamins separately. Multis usually use lower-quality, cheaper versions of vitamins (for example, D2 rather than D3), and often don't contain sufficient amounts (for example, most multis contain 400IU of Vitamin D, but most adults need more like 2000IU per day for optimal health). Likewise, some vitamins and minerals are best taken inconjunction with others for optimal absorption, whereas others sort of work against one another when taken together. Iron in particular is notorious for "cancelling out" some nutrients, so it should always be taken separately, in conjunction with Vitamin C. B12 should be taken sublingually, first thing in the morning, and D3 should be taken with a fatty meal, along with Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc.

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