Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Monthly Self-Care

I want to get in the habit of these self-care rituals monthly:

  1. Car wash
  2. Massage 
  3. Pedicure
Obviously, these expenses can add up quickly. To keep costs down, I go with the most basic and inexpensive car wash, I get massages as a massage school (the cost is $40 flat), and I try to get inexpensive pedicures. 

All of these things are indulgences, but they bring a lot of happiness into my life. At least I save money by rarely going to places like Starbucks, not buying alcohol, and not having cable! 

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Sarah said...

I also find a pedicure to be a great way to indulge and relax. I recommend being careful about cheap pedicure options, though.

Anthropolochic said...

OMG - car washes are the best. A useful, finite experience. I always feel accomplished afterwards.

Sara E. Cotner said...

That's a great point, Sarah! I don't go to super-cheap places--I just avoid super "spa-like" places.

Anthropolochic--I can't wait until my children are in booster seats and I can remove them before getting a car wash. There's so much stuff that accumulates under them!

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