Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Reflection & Rejuvenation: November

Only two months left of the year. One of the things I like about my 5-year journal is that it gives me a sensorial experience every single night about how much of the year is left, since the thickness of the remaining pages dwindles each day.

October! What a month! Our Fall Break trip to Los Angeles and my work trip to Bulgaria (more about Bulgaria tomorrow)! There was also my big fundraising push to raise $150,000 more so we could get started on the first part of our permanent facility. And I've been shopping for Christmas presents (to reduce my stress this holiday season). And Matt and I started working on our holiday card. 

But I've really been dropping the ball on my big goal for the year: "Health & Wellness." I haven't been running twice a week or going to yoga because I've been too busy and too stressed. It's such a downward spiral for me. When I stop exercising, I feel more stress because my body isn't releasing its stress in a positive and productive way. And then I start coping with the stress I feel by eating unhealthy things. And then I start gaining weight. And then my clothes don't fit and I end up feeling really gross. 

Now that I'm back from Bulgaria, I really, really want to go to yoga again. And I have a new plan for how to fit in two runs a week: I'm going to see if both boys are ready to ride their bikes around the lake with me while a run. We'll see how it goes! 

I really, really want to end the year back at a healthy weight with my clothes fitting again and with an overall feeling of less stress and more health and wellness. 

I was nervous about reflecting on my goals for the year, but it looks like I'm not doing too badly!

  1. Start the year with the 21-day cleanse from Clean and work through a book about breaking the emotional eating habit. 
  2. Eat more salads with dinner. 
  3. Drink at least 80 ounces of water each day.
  4. Run once on the weekend and once during the week. 
  5. Go to yoga once a week. 
  6. Cultivate a daily meditation and gratitude practice.
  7. Publish five books. 
  8. Clean and organize our house before the boys go to bed each night. 
  9. Track our expenses in Mint.com daily so that we are able to hit our saving goals. 
  10. Invite friends over monthly. 
  11. Use my work time in the evening to clear out my inbox and do bigger-picture planning. Try to move all projects into slots during the work day.  
  12. Take a trip with Matt.
  13. Go on a retreat by myself.
  14. Reflect each month about how I'm doing toward these goals.

I've also made progress on the book I'm working on, so that's exciting. 

I think my goals for this month need to be simple:
  • Exercise
  • Eat well
  • Keep getting ahead of the holiday season
  • Keep picking up the house each night before bed
  • Keep trying to use my work time in the evening to clear out my inbox and try to move all my projects into slots during the day so I can close my computer by 9am each night. 
I'm looking forward to November! 

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