Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It Happened Again: 5-Minute Fix

Okay. This time it took more than five minutes, but the amount of time it took to fix (one trip to IKEA + ~10 minute of potting + ~10 minutes of arranging) pales in comparison to the amount of time I have spent feeling stressed about the entryway of our home. 

I wish I weren't someone who cared so much about the aesthetics of my surroundings, but I do. It's as if my mind is a permeable membrane that is absorbing the chaos (or the beauty) of whatever is around me. 

I just wish I were motivated to fix the areas that bug me instead of letting them stress me out for months (or even years). 

It happened here, here, and here.

Instead of berating myself, I should just ask, "So what's bothering you and what can you quickly fix?"
  1. Matt and I are actually in the middle of planning a big change; we are consolidating Henry and Tate into one room and then turning the extra room into a guess room and an office. 
  2. We need to reorganize our outdoor closet. 
  3. We need to use OxyClean on our outdoor cushions. 
Okay, I need to stop there before the list becomes stressful. I'm looking forward to Winter Break when I get get a lot of these projects done! 

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Dusti Mahoney said...

Is there any particular reason your moving the boys to one room? I'm very having kids share rooms because I think office/guest/craft spaces are important for the adults in the family too. But my wife has never shared a space until we got married... and let's just say it was a rough transition.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi, Dusti Mahoney! We have a three-bedroom house, so we really want to turn one of the rooms into an office and a guest room. I'm nervous because I'm afraid they will wake each other up in the middle of the night or early in the morning (and they need lots of sleep). However, my solution for that is to set up their room with two twin beds and then put Henry's queen bed in the guess room. If they have trouble sleeping well together, Henry can sleep in the guest room/office but at least we can use it as an office during the day. I'll keep you updated about how it goes!

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