Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Camping-Themed Birthday Party

I have to confess that I feel like a huge hypocrite when it comes to planning my children's birthday parties. I'm so judgmental of all the birthday parties I see on Pinterest. I have thoughts like, "Is all that attention to detail really for the children or is it for the adults? Whom are you trying to impress? Doesn't that bring more stress than joy into your life? And how much does it cost to buy color-coordinated straws?" 

And then when my son's birthday parties come around, I revel in the planning and in the details. I like planning! And I like details! (Maybe all those Pinterest moms do, too).

Now that Henry is older, we have so much fun planning together. He's turning 6 this year, and we are going with a camping-themed birthday party. Here's what we've got planned:
  1. Playing in tents set up around the backyard (we have one real one and one toy tent)
  2. Cooking hot dogs over a real fire
  3. Then cooking S'mores (with gluten-free graham crackers and vegan chocolate, due to all the food sensitivities in our life right now)
  4. Fishing in our pool (we bought these fish as favors, and our plan is to glue magnets onto them and make bamboo fishing poles using the bamboo in our backyard)
  5. Swatting at a camping-themed piƱata (Henry wanted to make a gun; I talked him into a tent)
I'm excited to do an inexpensive party at home for another year. It's getting harder and harder as Henry gets invited to more and more birthday parties at jump houses, etc. 

We're looking forward to it!


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1 comment:

Kristy said...

We had a camping themed party two years ago and it was so fun! We found a tent pinata online and put an air mattress in the big tent, instant bounce house.

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