Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Life Is Short: Mini-Retirements

We got back from Spring Break in San Diego last week, and I am already dreaming and scheming about more travel with my family. I feel like this time with them is so fleeting, and I love having adventures with them. 

My current theory is that the way we think about retirement is completely messed up. Why work your butt off until you're really old and then get your free time? When your body doesn't feel very good? And your children are grown? 

I would much rather work longer (my job brings immense meaning into my life) and punctuate my life with more trips--"mini retirements," if you will, while I'm younger and my children are still at home. 

So I found a free home exchange website. It was easy to create a profile. In fact, you earn points just for creating a profile (points you can use to stay at someone's house for free!). And then you earn even more points if you create a profile for your home. I earned about four free nights just for completing those two steps. There are homes available all over the country and world! 

I'll let you know as a more coherent plan forms in my mind...


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