Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My Life Work: Genetic Testing, Therapy, Etc.

At the end of the year, I want to be able to say that I feel balanced, connected, full of vitality, and at peace. I want to make sure my own bucket is full so I can interact with others from a place of patience, love, and joy. 

To work toward that end, I've started working with a leadership coach every other week. I'm also about to start working with a therapist on the alternate weeks. I'm going to do it via Skype so I don't feel like I have one more commitment outside of the home. 

Through my work so far, I'm learning how I have to be more intentional and vigilant about prioritization in my life. I'm also learning about how to use my strengths to grow in the areas I want to grow, instead of constantly focusing on the things that need to change. 

I'm also seeing the need to develop a self-compassion practice

I'm also getting genetic testing through 23andme. I'm going to submit the raw data via this website to get a fuller report. If I have an MTHFR mutation that means I would benefit from prescription folic acid, then I'm going to start taking that. There's a history of anxiety and depression in my family. While I don't feel like I have the symptoms of depression, I do wonder if my constant "striving" is connected to anxiety. 

And--as if this list weren't already long enough--I'm going to get the results of my food insensitivity testing this week. I really do believe that the body is a complex system and things like nutrition have a huge impact on our brain. 

As I write all of this, I'm aware of how crazy I sound. Honestly, I'm feeling balanced, full of vitality, and at peace right now! And it's because I'm doing this work. I feel good when I feel like I'm growing and evolving as a person. I know, though, that my striving needs to be tempered with self-compassion and appreciation. I'm excited to be on this journey called Life!

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Katherine Robinson said...

I don't think you sound crazy at all. It is so healthy to recognize that "I want to make sure my own bucket is full so I can interact with others from a place of patience, love, and joy."

I have something of the opposite of your problem. I took a step back from being a classroom guide this year to be a part-time assistant in order to dedicate more energy to my children, one who is now nine months and one who just turned two, but was adopted and has extra needs right now. I feel great about the connection I am fostering with my babes and about the attention I can give to keeping our home organized, being a source of positive energy for my husband, and preparing fresh, healthy meals every day.

BUT I feel in such turmoil about where that leaves me professionally. In 2015-2016, when I worked as a full-time lower el guide at a brand new Montessori charter school, I was doing 60+ hour weeks (you know how that can be, I'm sure!). I'm not sure I can do that now that I'm a parent. I totally need a life coach! Are you doing that via Skype as well?

Thanks for thinking through your situation out loud- it was a good push for me to be more introspective.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Thanks for sharing, Katherine!

My leadership coach is via phone. She lives in NC. If you really do want a life coach, let me know! I can connect you with my best friend. I'm sure he'd be interested in it!

Katherine Robinson said...

I'm going to stay where I am another academic year to give my girls a little more time. But maybe in the fall as I decide on what changes to make for the 2018-2019 year. I'll let you know. I look forward to reading how fruitful you find the experience to be so I hope you'll post an update down the road!

Unknown said...

Hi Sara,
You may have come across this already, but I would recommend a Whole 30 ( to get a clear picture on how foods are impacting you. They have a handy non-scale victory checklist ( to track all of the ways you feel/look/think better when you are eating well.

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