Monday, March 27, 2017

On Self-Compassion

One of the things I'm working on with my leadership coach is the concept of self-compassion. She recommended this awesome website that has some explanations, meditations, and exercises. 

One of the exercises I wanted to do was write a letter to myself that I could read on a daily basis. When I wrote the letter, I realized there was a lot of focus on my accomplishments. That's not the point! I'm supposed to be celebrating who I am, not what I've done. 

At the bottom of the letter, I wrote some affirmations that I can read to myself each day:

I have a unique set of skills and strengths.
I am valuable to my family and to the world beyond.
I have made and continue to make a positive impact on countless lives.
Montessori For All has an important role to play in the world.
I have the courage, strength, and resilience I need to face difficulty.
I am committed to constant growth.
I have everything I need.
I’m everything I need to be.
I am loved and have immense love to give.

I'm going to write them on a framed photograph in my bathroom so that I am forced to come across them frequently! My hope is to read them to myself every day.


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1 comment:

Rachel said...

My therapist recommended the same website. I think self-compassion can be so tough! But I'm working on it. Self care is another thing that she really advocates.

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