Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Reflection & Rejuvenation: March

Two months down. Ten to go. It's strange to keep a pulse on the year and feel how quickly it passes. 

March! I'm excited for you. I have a 1.5-week break during March. More time with the boys. 

By the end of the year, I want to be able to say that I feel balanced, connected, full of vitality, and at peace. I want to keep my bucket full, so that I can interact with others from a place of patience, love, and joy. I'm still at about an 8 toward this goal right now! Not too shabby.

Here are the things I'm trying to do toward the above goal this year:

  1. Run at least twice a week and do yoga at least once a week. Running = 80% of my goal this month. Not too shabby. Yoga = 0%. I'm having a hard time fitting this one in because of #4 (see below). I can't finish my work before I need to go to yoga, which would then necessitate working late into the evening, which I haven't wanted to do. 
  2. Eat in a balanced and healthy way. Yes! This month wasn't as good as last month, but I did start eating salads for lunch, which is really exciting to me.  I need to recommit to not eating snacks at school. 
  3. Continue my daily meditation and gratitude practice. I meditated 64% of the days in February (I use the Insight Timer app).
  4. Stop working at 8pm to create two hours of free time for myself each evening. It's been more like 8:30pm this month, but I'm trying!
  5. Attend therapy every other week and attend leadership coaching every other week. I took steps toward finding a therapist this month! 
  6. Take a pottery class. Later in the year...
  7. Host a Sunday Supper at least ten times this year. Yep! Hosted one in February and have already planned one for March.
  8. Religiously use Mint.com to track our expenses. We have categorized all our expenses so far!
  9. Restore our house each night. Better! 
  10. Go on a retreat by myself. Later in the year...
  11. Go on a trip with Matt. Later in the year...

Here's how I did on my February-specific goals:
  • Getting our taxes done: Yes!
  • Organize our office desk: Yes! I got these organizers from IKEA
  • Organize the boys' bathroom (now that everything has a place in our house, I want to go back through one area per month to maintain it). Yes! 
Posting the goals on our giant kitchen whiteboard help keep them at the center of my mind. 

In March, I'll want to:
  • Have an awesome Spring Break
  • Schedule a dentist appointment
  • Plan our summer (I'm traveling to Ohio for a four-week Montessori training)
  • Organize the refrigerator side of the kitchen
And I wonder if we should knock out any of our Family Goals? Maybe go to the theater to see a production? 

I'm excited about what March has in store.


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