Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Summer Hobbies

As I mentioned in my summer planning post, I want to do less running around this summer. I want the boys to have open, unstructured time to run around, invent things, build things, and just calm their little souls through play. 

But being the Type-A person that I am, I need something to do while they are playing around the house in a relaxed way. Here's what's on my docket:

  1. I am going to cross-stitch three microbes: Mono, ebola, and salmonella
  2. I'm going to crochet a pair of slippers for myself (like these, but using gray yarn for the base and sea foam green for the edging)
  3. I'm going to work through logic problems just for fun
  4. I'm going to finish making scarves and hats for the boys (I started this project years ago and only finished a scarf for Henry)
  5. I might try my hand at making little succulent planters from the directions in this book
I want the boys to be able to engage in craft projects if they are also interested:
  • I can set up felt, embroidery thread, buttons, and needles for Henry and Tate to use while I'm doing cross-stitch. 
  • I can get them each one of these knitting forks while I'm knitting or crocheting. 
  • I might buy some of this clay for the boys to play around with!

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