Monday, May 15, 2017

Operation: Visit All the Parks in Austin

On a recent weekend, Matt was out of town, so the boys and I came up with a fun idea: make a goal to visit all the parks in Austin (over time, not all in one weekend).

Here's how it has worked so far:

  • We were picking up food from a drive-through salad restaurant. We did a google search for the closest park and ended up eating our lunch at Wooten Park. Henry met an older girl to play with and reports that this was his favorite park yet. 
  • We ate Easter brunch at a restaurant and then did a google search for the closest park. It looked so tiny on the map that I wasn't sure it was going to have a playscape. It turns out it has the most amazing playscape with web-like things to climb! 
  • We drove to our favorite vegan bakery to pick up a treat for the boys because they had gone to a birthday party the day before and weren't able to eat the cupcakes. We searched for the closest park and tried it out. 
Once we return home, we pull out the map, fine the park we visited, and put a circle around it. It's fun to have a real map in our lives (we've found our house and our school), and I love the adventure of trying out places we've never been. 

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Sarah said...

Great idea! Love it.

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