Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Reflection & Rejuvenation: June

Wow. We are officially getting to the middle of the year. How did that happen? 

I'm feeling good about our summer plans. I'm looking forward to three weeks of vacation time with my boys! 

I'm not going to set any specific goals for the month, beyond just enjoying myself and my family! 

Here are my regular goals for the year:

  1. Run at least twice a week and do yoga at least once a week. I'm still consistently running, even though I still never want to. With regard to yoga, I'm going to try switching to doing two sun salutations a day. In the fall, I really do want to start going to a class.
  2. Eat in a balanced and healthy way. I'm doing much better! Salads for lunch! Smoothies for breakfast! However, I am back to eating too much junk food during the day. Mainly cookies! I need to get back to tracking my healthy eating goals. I can eat dessert on Saturday and Sunday and then once during the week. I need to track this every day instead of just weekly like I'm doing now. 
  3. Continue my daily meditation and gratitude practice. I'm continuing to do guided medication using the Insight Timer app. I love it! I do need to work on my gratitude practice. I think first thing in the morning in the shower would be my best time. 
  4. Stop working at 8pm to create two hours of free time for myself each evening. It's been really hard, but I'm stopping by at least 8:30pm most nights. This is a must!

Here were my specific goals for the month:
  • Make our deck much more comfortable and inviting for the summer. We are working on this as our savings allow! 
  • Build a cut flower garden, following the advice in this book. We got a quote for this and will move forward as our savings allow! 
  • Take Tate to get genetic testing to see if he needs a prescription of folic acid like Henry does. We took him; we are just waiting for the results! 
  • Plant non-invasive, clumping bamboo in our yard to create more privacy against the two-story house that is being built. Done! 

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Kristin S said...

I'd like to test for the mutation you've mentioned that is associated with anxiety and depression for my kids and me. Is there a company you recommend? Did you go through a geneticist. We live in Houston.

Sara E. Cotner said...

I will write a whole post about this, Kristin! I am learning a ton and am close to figuring out a pathway I would recommend to others.

Kristin S said...

Thanks. I would really appreciate it as the information I've found online is confusing and would be awesome if something as easy as folic acid could help my and my son's anxiety.

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