Monday, May 8, 2017

Setting and Tracking Family Goals

I am enjoying my family so much right now. I know that sounds weird to say. I have always loved my family, but we are getting into the stage of life when I really enjoy our time together. We are out of the breast feeding stage and the napping stage and the diaper-changing phase. We are in a phase when the tantrums are decreasing and the conversations are increasing. We generate ideas together and make plans. We play games and read and ride bikes and hike and do art. And swim. How could I forget that one?  Tate is now swimming completely independently so being around the pool is more fun and relaxing. 

Our Family Goals are taking on more meaning as Henry moves into what Maria Montessori calls the "second plane of development." He is building a reasoning mind. And he loves making plans and going on adventures! 

He's excited about and invested in our goals for this year:

  1. Host 10 Saturday Suppers to build community.
  2. Save up enough money for a hot tub and new deck railings to replace our temporary ones.
  3. Volunteer at least twice.
  4. Become a gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free family.
  5. Read three chapter books.
  6. Take three awesome vacations. 
  7. Hang out at the creek.
  8. Attend two theatrical productions. 
  9. Go camping. 
It's fun working toward these things! Last weekend we went to the theater. We also hosted our third Saturday Supper. Good times! 

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