Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Summer Is Around the Corner

Have you all watched Capitan Fantastic? It's my new favorite movie and my parenting inspiration. Unfortunately, Matt thought the dad was too strict (I thought he was awesome). Not sure what to make of that.

Anyway, I'm preparing to have a lot more time with my boys this summer, and I want to make sure I'm intentional with it. I'm self-conscious when I talk about being an "intentional" parent because I see that our generation of mothers is driving ourselves crazy with unrealistic and unhealthy expectations about how to "do mothering," and the worst part is that things like scheduled activities, doting, formulaic crafts from Pinterest, constant supervision, and anxiety over inane details related to clothes or party planning actual undermine the things I want to develop in my children: resilience, self-direction, independence, creativity, joy, a growth mindset, self-confidence, and contentment.

But because of the pressures we face culturally around doing motherhood right, it does seem like we have to be even more intentional about where we put our energy and how we spend our time (even if it means we end up deciding to put less energy and less time into it).

The ironic part is that I have to make a plan for open, unstructured time or else I feel unsettled. I'll have to write another post detailing what I'll do with my open, unstructured time while the boys are playing. 

In terms of what the boys and I are going to do, I took this list and calendared it out. I'm feeling ready and excited! 

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Sarah said...

I can totally relate to this! I also have more time with my boys during the summer. I made a similar list last year of all the parks and other places we could visit. I really like to have a calendar and a list and a plan, but I make sure that the plan is something like "play outside at home" or "go to the park" for much of it. I also need help finding things to do while my children are playing, so I'm curious about your upcoming post. If they are playing inside, I can tidy up the kitchen. If I don't need to or feel like doing that, I feel like I get on my computer and deal with email or get on social media. I'd like to model something better. If I start reading a book, they want me to read it to them or read one of their books to them. Outside, there are fewer choices. I'm curious about your approach. Thanks!

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