Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Using Bamboo for Privacy

There's a new house going up next door (let me know if you want to be neighbors!), which means we now have second-story windows, a garage, and a front door staring straight into our shower and our master bedroom. 

I googled some information about bamboo and came across a place on my side of town (East Austin) called Bamboo Your Privacy. They only sell clumping bamboo, which is non-invasive. 

The boys and I booked an appointment and visited their land to decide what we wanted. The taller and more established bamboo is, the more expensive it is. We decided on "medium" bamboo that will grow 20-30' for the side that has the new house and "small" bamboo for the other side of our yard that will grow to 10-15'. 

Matt and I are doing terrible at saving money this year. We keep investing in making our house feel more and more like a sanctuary (we really are homebodies on a day-to-day basis), and then we also keep investing in vacations. Vacations feel like an awesome way to take advantage of the limited time we have with our children while they are young. We booked a trip to Australia! 

I'm okay with our decisions for now, but I do feel like we need to sit down soon to figure out how we are going to save for the boys' colleges (we don't want to saddle them with debt as they start out their lives) and then be prepared for retirement. 

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k said...

We recently went to a playground that had a few natural play structures, one of which was a super cool tunnel made out of bamboo planted in an arch. I thought all bamboo was invasive, but I guess it must have been this clumping stuff. Very cool!

Rachel said...

I think spending money on making your home comfortable and on family vacations is a great way to spend your money. Yes, college funds are important, but it's also important to enjoy life, enjoy family time, etc.

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