Monday, October 30, 2017

Family Adventure: Traveling Internationally with Kids

Our next big adventure is to Australia! We'll be going during Winter Break (which will be smack dab in the middle of summer there, which I'm excited about because I am way more a warm weather person than a cold weather one). We'll be heading to an old coffee plantation that has been renovated into a home in the hinterlands of Byron Bay. Then we'll be heading down to Brisbane. 

We are all so incredibly excited! 

I purchased some books to help us prepare for our adventure. 

As we read through them, we are going to make a list of everything we want to see there (kind of like a scavenger hunt that we can check off as we go). 

I've been trying to keep an ongoing list to double-check when we are packing. I'll have to modify it a bit for our first international trip with the boys! 

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Unknown said...

I know you say you like warm weather, but just to warn you Brisbane is worse than Houston in the summer. It is so hot you hug whatever shadows you can when walking outside and it's very humid.

Australia Zoo is worth visiting if y'all are into it. Carrumban wildlife sanctuary is good as well, lots of animals. You really can see kangaroos and wallabys if you get outside the city. Gold Coast is nice with plenty of beach, just south of Brisbane and just north of Brisbane there's Noosa and Yumundi which are great!

Anna Rose said...

That's great you're coming to Australia! As one of your Australian readers, super happy to give you some tips if you want some. Here's a great guide to Byron Bay:

Sara E. Cotner said...

Oh, what an awesome guide, Anna Rose! We picked Byron Bay accidentally, but it seems amazing! Let me know if you are anywhere close and we could try to connect in person!

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